Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm still here, it's just that my new job is kicking my butt and not leaving me a lot of free time this week. I'm really, really enjoying the job and it's not physically demanding but it's an intensive 4-week training course that we're (I'm in a group of 20 new hires) in the first week of, so lots and lots of information coming at us really fast. It's a different kind of tired, but tired just the same, lol!

I was a wimp and wore my glasses to work today. I'm doing pretty good getting used to my contacts, but there is a lot of computer work in my job and it was getting hard on my eyes to transition between reading the computer screen and then also doing a lot of reading on a projection screen for power point presentations. I gave my eyeballs a break. I hope I don't have a harder time with the contacts now that I've been without them for a day, though!

Did I mention I really think I'm going to like my new job? I'm meeting some cool people, too, although some of them lead lives of such DRAMA that they belong in a telenovela or something. Still, you can't beat the entertaiment value.

And, I just found out that Survivor Fiji starts tonight. I'm a sucker for Survivor, I've watched every season and I'm not about to start now after sticking with it for this long. That said, I'm going to go indulge in that now and then head to bed super-early tonight. Just one more day and then the weekend, woot!

My bookclub has an outing planned to downtown P'land for a "field trip" to Powell's on Saturday, I can't wait! I'll blog again soon, I hope. Mea culpa.

Gratuituos Bono (and some other guy) photo o' the day:

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