Monday, April 09, 2007


The bunny came, left lots and LOTS of candy, and left. That pretty much sums up our Easter. It was nice, we didn't do much of anything, didn't even leave the house in fact, but sometimes that is nice.

Back to work this morning, after having the weekend off. It wasn't pretty, waking up at 4:15am. My Monday was not surprisingly underwhelming. Not too horrible, but I really wasn't into being at work and so kind of slacked off. A little bit. Sometimes you just have to put in your hours and do the best you can, without being a total overachiever, you know?

I'm much better at overachieving when it comes to knitting, I finished my latest pair of socks and got 75% done with another pair. Go me! I love knitting socks, they are small and quick and have an almost endless variety of patterns and pretty yarns with which to make them. I'm thoroughly hooked.

This is totally embarrassing, but I'm also kind of a little hooked on home shopping. I can't help it! It's just there, all the time, it's like having a new catalog to pick up and browse through at any time. It's really bad when you find yourself checking the QVC website during slow times at work to see what Today's Special Value is. Just thinking about it makes me feel old!!

So, I was one of the several million people who watched The Sopranos final season premiere last night. Did you watch it? What did you think? I like it, I think it laid a lot of groundwork for the 8 episodes to come. Lots of symbolism there, with the Monopoly houses, ducks and lakeside ponderings. I'd say one of the 4 people at the beach is on the way out, if there is a god it will be Janice and her big mouth. I just hope it's not Jan and Bobby's little girl, she is so sweet and yet Janice is so scary. Anyway, lots to look forward to there, David Chase does it like no other. I wonder what he has in store for his post-Sopranos career?


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