Monday, February 19, 2007

no time

That pretty much covers it, there are definitely not enough hours in the day for all I want to get done! I can pretty much get a handle on the things I need to do, but the wants...a lot of that is going by the wayside right now.

I'll just touch on some quick news...first of all, we have a 10 year old in the house! And yes, I took pictures of the birthday boy, and no, I haven't had a chance to get them off the memory card and onto the computer yet.

My job is going along great, we are in our 3rd of 4 weeks of training now and a lot of us are really anxious to be done with this and get started on the "real" job. I had sort of forgotten what a drama fest the whole workplace dynamic can be. It's amazing to me, all these people of different ages and backgrounds, but everyone still mostly acts like they did in high school. Scary!

I was knitting the first of a pair of socks for Barrett that ended up being Lilly's size instead, and even then they are barely big enough for her. Oops! It's not exactly good motiviation to jump right in with doing the 2nd sock, but I do enjoy having a nice small, simple project to work on during my breaks and lunch hour. I am seriously addicted to the meditative aspect of knitting, the next best thing would probably be rocking back and forth and biting my nails, and I think they pretty much frown on that in most parts of society. :)

There is a woeful lack of u2 news at the moment. Woeful for me, anyway, as I would be happy as a clam if I just had a short daily update from each of the boys, with pictures most days. C'mon people, I'm not even asking for pictures every day, just a short line or paragraph or 2 about what you're doing and how it's going and preferably how much you love and appreciate your loyal fan base. Is that really so much to ask? Bono? Edge? Larry....Adam....? Boys........?
Due to the combination of a lack of new u2 photos and a lack of new photos of any kind from my camera, and not wanting to post this entry completely nude of images, I give you one of my oldies-but-goodies, a picture of Bono with his oldest daughter Jordan. Don't tell me it's weird to post other people's baby pictures on my blog, even if you really think it is, lol!


Blogger Mary Jo said...

Hey Molly - sorry it's been awhile.
This 16 week pregnant gal hasn't been feeling to well, but getting back into things :)

Glad to hear things are good for you. Sounds like your job's keeping you busy :)

February 26, 2007 9:04 AM  

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