Wednesday, December 27, 2006

talk about the longest night

I slept 12 hours last night, and it felt so good! I feel like a new woman, and having the next few days off work to continue to recover feels great too.

Somehow, and barely, I made it through those last pre-christmas days of crazed holiday shoppers. We had people coming into the store at 6pm on Christmas Eve as we were trying to close, still looking for gifts. I thought I was a last minute shopper, and I am, but not *that* last minute.

We had a nice Christmas Day, despite an utter lack of restful sleep. Everyone kept expecting someone else to arrange the brandy for the egg nog, meaning we ended up with none. Sad, indeed! I'm sure there was probably a liquor store open somewhere in the Portland metro area on Christmas Day, but we couldn't find one. And a dry Christmas was had by all.

I worked bright and early on Boxing Day. The mood of my co-workers was so relieved to be almost giddy, it was like one big love-fest compared to the snarky backstabbing that went on all the previous week. The retailers bottom line looks great during the holiday season, but the stress on the actual store employees is huge, especially in a huge urban mall environment like the one I work in.

I'm still holding out hope for the job I initially applied for with this company, in the meantime at least I am bringing in a paycheck as they go through the final hiring process for the other positions.

So now I am rested and have a few days off work, and my plan is to hopefully get my house back under control. It is a shambles of scattered christmas gifts, piles of dirty laundry and messy bathrooms at the moment. Here's to spending the final days of 2006 cleaning this house that I am still so thankful to have! What a year it was, huh?


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