Monday, December 18, 2006

Once again, I've been lacking in the blogging. This time, though, I have a good excuse! While I'm still in the hiring process for that job I mentioned recently (keep those fingers crossed!), I've started working in another branch of the same company. Basically, I needed and wanted to get to work, and while they couldn't necessarily speed up the decision-making process for the management job I want, there is a need for short-term holiday help during this obviously busy next week or so.
Soo, long story short, I'm working. In a mall. Not just a mall, but "Oregon's Largest Mall!". Some of you, the ones who know me very well, will have a pretty good idea how I feel about that. Malls are high on my list of least-favorite places, right up there with the dentist and the vagina whisperer.
And now, I get to go there! Every day! In the busiest single week of the entire year! Yayy!!

One the up-side, it's a pretty fun job, I'm meeting lots of cool people (co-workers and customers alike) and most importantly, earning money. On the downside, apart from the very fact that it's in a mall, there are a couple of girls that I work with that How to say? Intolerable? Much in need of bitch-slapping? Cause me to bite my tongue in an attempt to stay civil? Something like that.

I just keep telling myself, it's a very short-term job, it's bringing money which we really need, and it's getting my foot in the door with this company which can only help me when it comes to the management job. I should find out about that for sure within the next couple of weeks, and in the meantime I'll have lots of great stories to tell.

Like the other night, when a trio of thieves hit us, did a classic distraction ruse and made off with 2 of those robotic automatic vacuum thing-y's.
Or how, when one of my co-workers was describing the zones of the store to me, he kept referring to certain areas of the floor as "hot lava". It just really cracked me up, when I was a kid one of my favorite games to play was "The Floor is Hot Lava" wherein we tried to navigate the house without ever touching the floor. I'm pretty sure at work they use the term to illustrate the boundaries of the zone, rather than as a challenge to my creative thinking, but I couldn't help but chart out a plan in my mind of how I'd get across that hot-lava floor without touching it at all. The huge Tempurpedic bed in the middle of the floor will help a lot.
Piece o' cake!


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