Tuesday, December 05, 2006

hello, and goodbye

It's nice to finally have my husband home, and my whole family under one roof again! He brought goodies for the kids, and some of Papa's fishing poles and power tools in a big huge box that had to be checked and then lugged through PDX to the parking garage.

Once we got home I had a chance to read Papa's obituary, and found an online version of it. It's sad that I learned things from reading the obit that I didn't know despite being his daughter-in-law for 16 years. I'm glad to know it, though, and to be able to pass the knowledge and pride of their heritage on to them.

Here's a link in case anyone wants to read it. Larry brought home a very small selection of photos, on disc, from his childhood. This one is my favorite. If you're like me you'll drool over that awesome coffee table, but when you're done with that, my hubby is the youngest of the 3 boys, the curly-haired one sitting by his daddy's head.


Anonymous lou said...

hey Molly,

Wanted to come by and check out your blog again, I bet it's good to have Lar back home, he said wonderful things about you and missed you&kids terribly.

Anyway, thanks for the link to the Obituary, it's a good find.

December 08, 2006 6:49 AM  

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