Friday, November 17, 2006

still here...

God, it's been a kind of grueling house-hunt for us. But finally, we're done. Papers have been signed, checks written, keys handed over. We'll be moving over the weekend. And over the mountains.

We tried really really hard to find a place here on the coast, but we just couldn't find anything that would work for us at all. So, after 4 months, we're leaving the ocean behind and moving east. But not too far, just a couple of hours, a small mountain range, and one state line.

Less than a week after finally registering our cars and the traumatic experience of turning in my Montana drivers license in exchange for a shiny new Oregon one, we are officially residents of Washington state.

Anybody out there in or know anything about Vancouver, Washington?? Tell me only good things, as I wrote the painfully large check that means we will be living there for the forseeable future. It's too late now to tell me anything bad about the area, lol!

One side note. I will be going back to work, and in advance of that I had someone call my previous employer to check what kind of reference she gave me. The bitch had the *nerve* to tell who she thought was a potential employer of mine that I was "rude" and "disrespectful" and that she fired me. This, after she lost a Worker's Comp hearing and mediation, on the issue. Not to mention the MT State law she broke by saying anything that could potentially deprive me of gainful employment. Fucking bitch. I'm just glad it wasn't an actual employer for a job that I wanted.

I'll tell you, people like that (Jenn Wasserman of Mountains of Memories Scrapbooks in Great Falls, Montana) must get some sort of thrill from being spiteful and hypocritical. She gives her religion, her family, and her business a bad name. I'm embarrassed that I ever worked at her store and considered her a friend. If I was a friend, customer, employee or family member of hers, I'd be very very careful. If you step over the line she will try to the bitter end to take you down. Ick.


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