Wednesday, November 01, 2006

socktober is over...

The whole reason I joined socktoberfest in the first place was because I have been wanting to knit some socks, but hadn't yet actually been brave enough to try. I have a large collection of dpns (double pointed needles, used to knit small tubular things like socks, mittens, etc), sock patterns, and of course the ever popular sock yarn.
So, I joined socktoberfest and I'm happy to say it was just the little nudge I needed to get me going on socks. I finished one pair for me, one sock for Lilly with it's mate still being knitted up, and a pair for Barrett that I sadly frogged yesterday but I'm still counting them because I did cast them on during socktober, and I will cast them on again. I just couldn't handle the guilt of working on them with Lilly's little mate-less sock languishing in my knitting bag.
From now on, it's 2 at a time for me if at all possible.
Anyway, I'm a sock knitter! I've been wearing mine constantly, except during washing and the day it takes to dry wool socks in this humid coastal area! They are cosy and warm and make me happy. They are also a little uneven and droopy, and one is noticeably larger than the other. Still, for a first pair of socks, not bad.

I have so many projects I want to do. Norwegian knitting has been calling to me, my kids are demanding hats, mittens and socks, my hubby even wants socks, and then there's all that holiday knitting to do....


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