Friday, November 03, 2006

interesting info on the new U2 song...

This is from the Adelaide Advertiser (the boys are, of course, in Australia to kick off the final leg of the Vertigo tour which was postponed last spring):

The other new song is Windows In The Skies. With soaring strings and a haunting piano melody. The tune is remarkably different to the stadium rock sound of their recent smash hit album, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.

It is huge but in a very different way and for a very different reason; Bono is learning to play piano."I think that's going to be our biggest song in a long time. It's a psychedelic pop song with 6/8 timing, you never hear that. It's very, very rare," he says.

"I've been taking piano lessons with my kids and every time I took a lesson, I wrote a song. I had eight lessons and I had eight songs."

They (his bandmates) were all like 'He'll never have any songs this time' and in I bring eight. Whoa! Of course, they have much improved it."

thanks to @U2 for the link to the article.


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