Monday, September 25, 2006

we're home...

and the most amazing thing is that it really does feel just a little bit like home. As I drove through Seaside this afternoon, I had that "ahhh, home" feeling, just a little bit. For the first time I thought maybe, just maybe, we could actually learn to love it here, learn to make this our home.

The weekend was fun, all in all, despite the "fun" of driving in Portland traffic with little-to-no actual knowledge of where I was going most of the time. I'm learning, everytime I go there I learn a little more, get a little more comfortable with the city, so I'm getting there.

I went out the van this morning, ready for an early morning departure from the city, only to find a completely flat tire on the van. Hmmm. I always did mean to learn how to change a tire, but never really got around to it. I guessed I could wing it, and I did pretty good, except unbeknownst to me there is a *certain* spot where you are supposed to attach the bumper-style jack, whereas I thought you could just pretty much hook it on the bumper any old place and be fine. Not so fine, but luckily no one was crushed when the van swayed back and forth then crashed to the ground. I really thought it was going to tip over, but it didn't. My faith in my own abilities was crushed, however, so I called a tow truck and eventually we were on the road. Nevermind that the spare was also flat, never mind that the guy at the gas station wasn't able to air it up for me (insurance reasons, what else). I aired it up, to the proper pressure no less, and we made it home, although several hours later than I had planned. Next up, get that tire fixed or replaced, toute suite!

Coming tomorrow, zoo pictures, an impromtu attendance at a book reading, and much u2 news.


Blogger Mary Jo said...

Molly - you are kidding me!!
Evan and I had a flat tire yesterday, too. Although mine was from stupidly hitting a curb. We were able to make it to a tire place though. Didn't even try to do it myself.
I'm glad you were all ok.

As for the new U2 book, I am on the lookout :) Mike won't be as into this as I am because he is NOT a reader, but of course we'll need it for the collection ;)

September 26, 2006 1:25 PM  

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