Tuesday, July 11, 2006

what I've been doing....

Besides continually adding to this:

I'm finally getting a chance to look at my photos from the 4th, where we did this:

And later on went to the riverbank park and saw this:

In my spare moments, and lots of moments when I should've been doing other things, I've been knitting these:

I'm on a total dishcloth knitting kick right now, inspired by the book Mason Dixon Knitting and the Mason Dixon Knitalong blog. I've done several more than the 3 in the photo, as I finish them I've been throwing them in whatever half-packed box was handy. It'll be a nice surprise, when we're settled and unpacking, to find those pretty new dishcloths. And every new home needs some new dishcloths, right?

I also behaved very badly and was unable to resist this at the yarn store yesterday:

It is just too pretty and soft. I had to bring it home. I got 3 skeins of it, enough to do a good sized shawl/cape/wrap/whatever. I'm still deciding on a pattern but hope to get it started soon, it will make a good traveling project I think.


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