Tuesday, July 18, 2006

on the move...

I feel so bad for being a neglectful blogger lately. My mind is moving a trillion miles an hour as we get closer and closer to Moving Day, and it's hard to slow down enough to put together a thoughtful or even intelligible blog entry.

Less than 48 hours to go now, and I think things are coming together as well as can be expected considering we're moving 6 people and 2 animals across 3 states in 2 vehicles on a small budget. Anybody in between Great Falls and Seaside, OR want a lovely black cat or devoted dachshund??

I said the first of my goodbyes today, and it wasn't fun. It's going to be hard seeing the kids say goodbye to their friends, and Larry to his, before this is over and we're on the road.

I plan on blogging as much as I can during our trip and as we get set up in Oregon. We're planning to camp on the coast for a few nights at first, I'm so looking forward to that.

Oh, and good news, we packed the van with lots of room to spare so we can all breathe a little easier as we pack our clothes and camping supplies. I was sure we'd have way, WAY too much, but it's not too tight at all actually. Phew!

PS I couldn't let the day go by without announcing, proudly, that today is our 15th wedding anniversary! We got each other neither crystal, crystal, or watches, but we're setting off on yet another Big Adventure together, and that's good enough for me. Plus, later, I'll be able to pick out something I want and then remind him, in a timely manner, about today's lack of gift giving.


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