Friday, July 14, 2006

now THIS is cool...

Thanks to my fellow u2-uber fan C at Scatter O'Light for posting this link. It's a phone call Bono made last night to The Mystery Train, a long-time radio show, during it's final airing. It's a funny little call, very typical Bono with lots of ummm-ing and eh-ing, some beautiful imagery ("I'm in France, under an orange mood, and thinking of Enniskillen"), impromptu singing, and a cute story of his youngest son John's birth. Definitely worth a listen, if for nothing else than to hear that particular gravelly Irish voice again.

Bono's phone call, mp3


Blogger Mary Jo said...

I keep meaning to listen to this! I want Mike to listen with me though and we've just been so darned busy.

July 17, 2006 6:28 AM  

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