Thursday, July 20, 2006

goodbye Montana

wow, I guess a lot of you have been checking in on me, judging by the sudden jump in page views on my site meter. Here it is, the middle of our last day in Great Falls. We'll sleep on the road tonight (not literally, duh) and be at my mom's tomorrow. My brother has agreed to take care of Coco for us, which is a huge HUGE relief. He also lives in Portland, as does my mom, so we will be able to drop Coco off with him.

We'll be spending the weekend in Portland and then heading to the coast with my brother and sister in law (and 3 dogs) on Monday.

Just a few last minute things to take care of, things I meant to do earlier in the week and forgot, and we should be on the road in a few hours. Exciting!!!!

Sorry I don't have photos to share, I hate that I haven't posted any photos for so long but alas grabbing the camera hasn't been on the top of my list of things to do lately. I am going to make an effort to take lots of pics on the trip, though.

I also will be posting my exclusive, extra-special, hand picked my ME ME ME U2 playlist, what I'm calling my Gypsy Soul mix, of all my favorite versions of all my favorite u2 songs, but I can't do it justice at the moment so look for that in an upcoming post. I tried and TRIED to keep it small enough for 1 cd, but failed. It's as short as I can make it at 1.9 hours.

Looking forward to hitting the road with some awesome traveling music! See you guys on the other side of the MT state line...


Blogger Mary Jo said...

I just wanted to wish you good luck!!! :)

July 22, 2006 1:16 PM  

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