Sunday, June 11, 2006

You'll never guess what I just did! Backed up my hard drive. Pretty exciting, huh? Why don't you run and back yours up right now, I'll wait right here while you do it. Trust me, if you have a crash you'll be glad you did it!
I'm inordinately thrilled with myself for completing that little 6 minute task, mainly because I've had it on my to-do list all week and I can finally finally mark it off.

The other big (BIG) thing that's been on my list all week is cleaning my bedroom. I mean really, deep, way-back-in-the-corners kind of clean. Something I haven't done in way too long, and of course being not only a bedroom but also home office, crafting area, tv/movie viewing area, reading area and the main storage area of the entire house, there is all manner of things crammed into the nooks and crannies of this room. Scary.
But, I'm almost done, just one last little area to tackle and then it'll be done. Just think, 2 things marked off my to-do list on one day, and a Sunday at that!

Larry took the kids out for their weekly hike/jaunt through the wilderness, which is why I've been able to focus my energies on cleaning my room without a million interruptions. I've been viewing my u2 dvds while working, too, which is something I don't do often enough! It's amazing that parts of the Slane dvd still give me chills, after what must be 20 or 30 viewings. So of course, being in a u2 state of mind, I took a little jaunt of my own over to Pleba to pick up some new Bono pics and looking for a new desktop background in particular. Gotta love Pleba when you have a hankering for some pics of the boys! Here's a sampling of what I saw today, starting out with some baby u2 just to set the mood:
Then this awesome Joshua Tree era pic of Bono:

And since blogger evidently doesn't want me to post any further pictures right now, you'll have to head to Pleba yourself and find the Anton Corbijn pic of the band from last years official calendar. Thanks blogger!


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