Monday, June 12, 2006

white monday

(One of my favorite things, a milk glass drinking glass I inheirited from my grandma. When we'd go stay with her or visit I would always want to drink out of this glass, it feels so nice in the hand with it's hefty weight and lovely bumpy feel. This sort of plain looking glass holds a very special spot in my china cabinet, I wish I had the nerve to use it "everyday" like she did but I'm too afraid of it getting broken.)

Stephanie of Little Birds and Mav of Port2Port are doing color week once again, and this time I'm joining in! At least, today I am, the rest of the week will just have be taken day by day. So today is white, and since I never have been much good at following directions I'm posting more than one photo. Welcome to white!

Now, I wouldn't say that washing dishes is one of my favorite things, but it is one of my favorite chores. I love the feel of hot, hot water on my hands, and the process of turning a jumble of dirty, messy dishes into neat rows and stacks in the cupboards. I tend to use too much dish soap as I love a thick fluffy layer of bubbles, it reminds me of snow and how a blanket of snow can make even an ugly patch of dirt look pretty and sparkly and magical.

And finally, a rather poorly lit and poorly composed photo of some of my favorite white buttons in my vintage button stash.


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