Wednesday, June 28, 2006


There are so, so many things I could write about. Like:
~waitressing, why I love it and hate it
~moving, why my house is a sea of boxes with no destination
~kids, why they need a mother
~pets, why they are prone to heat stroke
~weather, why the extreme heat we're having is dangerous to pets, see above
~knitting, why I've been working on it for approximately 1393 hours and I'm only halfway done with clapotis
~crocheting, why babette the wool blanket is languishing away in a tote bag, most of her still in the form of unworked skeins of yarn
~scrapbooking, why I don't remember what that is
~Bono, why he's in St. Tropez and not a recording studio somewhere

But, no. I can't write about any of that because of the tragedy that has been unfolding in my house since approx. last Fri/Sat or possibly Sunday. My ipod is missing. It pains me more than you know to write that. One thing I really really hate is losing things. One thing I really really love is my ipod. Therefore, losing my ipod is almost too much for me to bear. I neeeeed it. I neeeed to have it. I want it. I've offered any of my children a hefty reward for it's safe return. I've looked everywhere. My life is officially on hold until I find it.

PS It's a shuffle (don't laugh) in a pink silicone case, earbuds attached but without the black foamy covers. Let me know if you see it, will you?


Blogger Mary Jo said...

Girl, I hope you find it soon!!!
I get so mad when I lose things.

June 29, 2006 5:15 AM  

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