Friday, June 23, 2006

Thank you so much for all the kind comments and emails you sent! It feels good to know you all are pulling for me. :)

This is going to be a big adventure, and I'm excited about it! I took a temporary part-time job today so we can save money faster and leave that much sooner. It's going to be hard getting ready to move while working, but Brittany is such a help to me and I know we can do it. I'll be working at my former job, the same restaurant where my hubby cooks, as a waitress/barista/bartender. Picture sleepy airport restaurant and gift/coffee shop. It's easy work, but boring. That's the main reason I quit...boooooring. But I don't mind doing it again, for awhile, just to save money. And I can always knit or crochet during the really boring bits, right?

I had planned on having a garage sale next Saturday, but now I don't know if I'll be working but hopefully we can still have the sale. In the meantime, lots and lots of sorting, purging, tossing, and boxing up will be going on.


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