Friday, June 16, 2006

One of my newest scrapbook pages. I'm forcing myself to use some of my lower-quality photos, of which there are hundreds and hundreds, and it is actually really freeing in a way. Starting with sub-par (blurry, poorly composed, whatever) photos kind of takes the pressure off the rest of the layout. I already know it's not going to be perfect, so I can just have fun with it and not try to strive for the Perfect Page. That's Lilly, by the way, and lots and lots of handcut paper. Really fun!

And now here is my crochet WIP, Lilly's Babette blanket. I couldn't keep from starting to assemble it, even though I'm nowhere near done with all the squares. The pattern (spring '06 Interweave Crochet magazine) has a diagram for the specific way to layout all the different-sized squares, so when I had a enough squares done to complete a few of the diagram's sections, I did it. I have taken a break from working on Babette for the last day or 2, partly because my wrists and elbows are really sore after a day of a lot of crocheting, and also I was running really low on yarn. Last night I was able to stock up (I'm using worsted weight merino wool) and got some new colors to add to the mix: more of the pink, golden yellow, taupe, red, and some aran that I'm going to dye with mango koolaid and hopefully get a nice mango-y color from it. I hope 2 packets of koolaid is enough??
And finally, I was able to get my hands on 6 skeins of this 100% wool yarn for 2.10 a skein! Way too good a deal to pass up. I think I will make the ubiquitous Clapotis, not sure how this yarn will work with that pattern but I want to join the ranks of every other knitting blogger and have a Clap of my own, so I think I will give this a try.


Blogger Mary Jo said...

Just wanted to pop in and say "hi" :) been so busy!!
Sounds like you've been busy too!!
Love the ice cream cone you designed on your layout!!

June 16, 2006 7:52 PM  

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