Monday, June 19, 2006

It's been kind of a crazy rollercoaster of a weekend here. Father's day was fine, except my dh had to work so didn't get to spend the day w/the kids, and then our phone is out (still!) so he couldn't call and talk to his own dad, either. Unspoken but very much on our minds was the idea that this is likely to be his dad's last Father's Day. He is feeling better since stopping chemo, but the cancer is spreading so it's a double-edged sword for sure.

And then my mom got word that one of her lifelong friends died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. So that was really sad and of course my phone is out (still!) so I couldn't talk to my mom but only offer support via email, which is lacking emotion and warmth, to say the least.

But then! Mom emailed this morning to say she got a job she had traveled to Portland to interview for last week, and she starts at the end of this month! This was her third trip to Portland for job interviews and job hunting, so it's great that she finally found one that is a good fit for her. I can't believe she'll be in Portland in just a few short weeks, it has been something her and I have talked about for hours on end over the last year or so.

It's a great move for her, and also helps open the door that little bit more for us to maybe move there too. Although I'm not a big city kind of gal, I desperately want to move closer to family and out of the depressed economy of Montana. So Oregon is my goal, ideally near but not in Portland. And having both my mom and my brother living there makes it that much easier for us to get our foot in the door. It is *always* easier to move to a new place when you have family or friends already there, rather than just showing up in a new town knowing no one!

So my mom's good news is also a step towards my dream, too, and that makes it even better news. Also, it seems that my grandma's estate is having a final hearing next week and then it will be closed and things can be distributed. Meaning a tidy little trust fund for me to seek secondary education, and I have a couple things in mind. One being using the trust to fund our move to be closer to the school I want to attend, the other being using it for a short course of study abroad. Lots of possiblities!

In the midst of that, I'm alternating knitting which hurts my right wrist and crocheting which hurts my left. If I alternate days then it gives each wrist a little chance to rest up on it's "days off". I never knew I had such bad wrists! But both Babette and Clapotis (clap-o-TEE) are coming along nicely.


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