Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I just frogged my clapotis. Sigh. I was almost done with the increase rows. It just wasn't going to fit on the needles I was using, they are way WAY too short and I don't have a longer pair that size. I tried to avoid frogging it, first I was going to buy a longer set of needles but I really can't afford that, so then I was going to set it aside until I could get a new set of needles, but I really wanted to keep working on it, so finally I just said fuck it and pulled it all out. Sigh.
I had also made at least a couple of mistakes most notably most of a row that was purled when it should have been knit. Ooops.
So I guess it's a good thing to start over, and with a nice loooong pair of size 6 instead of my nice but short bamboo 8s. I really don't like knitting with metal, but it's better than buying a new pair and they are pink so they match my yarn. :)

I really need to work on Lil's blanket, but dang, that clap is pretty addictive!


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