Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Finally, blogger is back online and letting me post! After losing my internet connection for the first half of the week due to some wind damage, one of the first things I wanted to do once we got it sorted out was update my blog. Of course it figures that blogger would be down most of the day.

So, yeah, we had this freakish wind storm on Sunday night and it knocked down some branches, most of a tree actually, in the backyard (right onto the new swingset, of course!), taking out our cable on the way down. I think we're back up now, although there are some other branches higher up that are sort of dangling now, so if we get another big storm....who knows.

So much going on here right now, I'll have to update in stages! First let me put in a plug for an awesome new site and group blog that I'm thrilled to be a part of. Larger Families ( or is, in the words of founder Meagan Francis, for "anyone with three or more kids, who's thinking about having three or more kids, or who's curious about what it's like to have a larger family in today's smaller-family-centered society". Talk about an awesome group of women! In this group, I have one of the smallest families, which in itself is refreshing, lol! I encourage you all to go check out the blog, and take a look at all the contributors personal blogs through their profiles on the "meet the bloggers" page. Much more on this later, for now I just want to tell you all to go, take a look around, let me know what what you think. No matter how many kids you have!

On a more personal note, I was thrilled to get a lovely package from London (yeah, that London!) yesterday. My BackTack3 package has arrived, and inside was the cutest, fluffiest little while bunny rabbit. I adore her! She's been named Londonbunny, for now. Let me also just say that there has been MUCH debate as to not only her name, but where she should reside. If only she reproduced like real bunnies do, then maybe there'd be enough of her to go around, lol! Instead, she's mine, all mine, and keeping a watchful eye on my creative space.
Not only that, but my wonderful pal Helen included some cunniningly cute Japanese paper goods. Japanese+anything=cute in my book! The hardest part is going to be convincing myself to actually USE the stuff, and remembering where I've hidden it, because rest assured, if I didn't hide it it would disappear before the day was out.
Not surprisingly, blogger is not letting me upload a photo right now, but you can find one in my flickr account here.
Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times, Helen!!!


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