Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday...my crafty life

What's going on my crafty life this week....well, lets see. I'm crocheting this dress for Lilly. Or more accurately, I'm crocheting the bodice and then I'll take it to the fabric store and pick out something that matches for the skirt. This has been a real trial and error for me and I've frogged it more than I care to admit, but I've finally got the hang of it and am almost done. It was a good project for someone just getting back into crochet, I think. There are SO many cool things I'd like to knit and crochet, I don't quite know what to start next!

I'm in the throes of BackTack3, making a top-secret softie for my partner. I don't want to spoil her surprise, but I will say that it involves felting which I've never done before but am having a ton of fun with!

The May Monthly Inspiration pages are up at Diversity Designs . I just got my June kit in the mail yesterday, so I'm jumping right back into designing more pages and projects for the site for next month.

I'm also working on 2 projects for the progressive Spring Fling contest at Imagine, Create, Scrap (yes, still!). This is the 2nd to last round, and the projects are due this Friday. I can't wait to see if I make it into the finals! I'm still kind of licking my wounds from last week's Frances Meyer disappointment, but trying just to jump back in the ring and keep on creating. This week our challenge is an altered clipboard and a scrapbook page using specific criteria. Lots of scrapbooking going on here this week!

My only other craft-related activities (as if that's not enough!) involve a lot of repurposing used clothing/fabrics. It's amazing what beautiful and well made fabrics there are to be had in the local thrift stores and garage sales. Once you start looking at the fabrics in terms of their potential rather than their current configuration, it really opens up a whole new world. For example, did you know cashmere felts? You can make the most gorgeous, soft felt from old cashmere sweaters, and of course you can make just about anything from the felt. I love that it doesn't unravel, so you can just cut and sew, leaving unfinished edges if you like the look.

I'd like to include photos with this entry, I really would, but it's hot and I'm tired and grumpy and I just can't quite bring myself to deal with the hassle. Taking the pics is one thing, but then uploading, editing, resizing, saving, uploading AGAIN to blogger...I just dont' want to deal with it. Pretty loser-ish, huh?


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