Sunday, May 21, 2006

media Sunday

So, Sunday is my day for thoughts regarding media, in all it's forms. Books, movies, music, internet, tv, magazines, that's all media in my mind and that's what today is all about.

I'm reading The Tenth Circle by Jodi Piccoult, and it is very good! I definitely recommend it. As you can see in my sidebar where I'm tracking every book I read this year, I also recently red Lost in the Amazon. So far I've just been recording the books, title and author, without offering much in the way of commentary. One thing I'm going to do in my Sunday Media posts is offer just a very quick "thumbs up or down" type review of the books I'm reading or finished in the week before. That said, Lost in the Amazon gets a frowny headshake from me. Don't waste your time. Red flags were raised for me on the very first page where the author says the jungle "threatened to suffocate me in it's malevolent greenness". I about gave it up at that point, and wish I would have.

In other media, I watched Munich last weekend and very much enjoyed it. I actually watched about the first half one night and then finished it the next, and in the day between I found my mind kept going to back to the movie. That's a good sign. A really good movie!

This Wed. is the 2-hr season finale of Lost! The last couple of episodes in particular have been leading up to what is sure to be a huge climax and cliffhanger for the summer hiatus. I'm really looking forward to it, but at the same time it's going to be a looooong time waiting until October for season 3 to start!

Be sure to watch the NBC Nightly News on Monday and Tuesday this week, especially Tuesday. They are doing a special series of reports from Bono in Africa, I'm really excited about this as it will hopefully bring the situation in Africa into the light. Bono is so smart to be there doing what he's doing. He knows the media loves him, and no matter where he goes someone wants his picture, etc. So he uses that celebrity status to get the bright lights of the media to shine on issues like this, ones that are so easy for us here in the west to ignore.

And finally, did you know you can drop your ipod earphones into a washing machine full of hot soapy water, and they'll still work? If I needed another reason to love my ipod, which I didn't, that would be it! Thank you, thank you , thank you, trusty little uncomfortable earbuds, for not dying a watery death and rendering litttle pink Posie (yes, my ipod has a name) mute.


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