Monday, May 08, 2006

Just a real brief update to my "waiting" from earlier....

  • no word yet from Frances Meyer Inc.
  • I made it to Round 5 in the Spring Fling contest! Just one more round after this one, we are in the top 10 now after starting out the contest with 37
  • oddly, no new Sopranos yet, trying madly to avoid online spoilers until after I see it for myself
  • got the call back from the lawyer, just another thing to mark off my list
  • some kind of ho-hum happenings in The Lost Experience game. I was really expecting it ramp up by now! I do think something more will happen tomorrow, though, as they are airing Lost on Tues. nights in the UK and we got the first clue leading the kick off of the game during that airing last week.

And, in other news, we have a new superfun swingset in our backyard! Lilly is in 7th heaven. I'm hoping for nice weather tomorrow so I can get some pics. She came in tonight after playing out there with Barrett after dinner, and her hands and cheeks were just bright red from the cold wind. Her hair was all crazy and her nose was running and she was all out of breath. "Mom! That. Was. So. FUN!" total cuteness!


Blogger Mary Jo said...

Congrats on moving on in the Spring Fling contest!! Hope you hear from FM soon :)

May 09, 2006 5:44 AM  

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