Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hope everyone had a great Cinco de Mayo yesterday, hopefully you don't have a tequila hangover this morning. :)

Today is National Scrapbooking Day (I'm not kidding! It really is, lol!) and in honor of that I thought I'd post a few of my recent projects.

This is the composition book I did for the Spring Fling contest at Imagine, Create, Scrap:

I stapled the striped twill to the back cover and then put the large black brad on the front so the twill can wrap around the brad and keep the book closed when it's not in use. I also thought the tags on the front would be a good place to write quick notes, quotes or other inspiration on-the-fly.

This layout is also for ICS, we had to do a one page layout using black and white with just one additional color. I had a LOT of fun with this one! Although in the middle of the night last night it occured to me that I should've left the "h" off so it would say "ooooo La La" instead of "ooooh La La", but no biggie. It's funny the things that will come to you when you're sound asleep, isn't it? I guess my subconscious was still designing this layout while the rest of me was off in dreamland.

Here are a couple of little ProvoCraft lunchbox tins that I decorated using Wild Asparagus papers. As you can see, I'm using the pink one to store my acrylic blocks (used for stamping with unmounted rubber and acrylic stamps). The teal one (not a grea pic of it, sorry! I was trying to get a good shot of how I did the ribbon on the handle) holds all my re-inkers and little bottles of alcohol inks. I love these kinds of projects, it gives me a chance to look at and use my supplies in a new way and is a great way for me to recharge my creative energy (aka mojo!).

These tins are only $5 at my local Ben Franklin, and they are so much fun to do and are a great size for storage (I think they're about 5x8 inches, can't remember off the top of my head). I have another one that I haven't worked on yet, and every time I go to Ben Franklin I usually pick up one or 2. Love them!

And finally, here's another kind of lunchbox...this is the kind that I salivate over and get all excited when I find them at thrift stores! A real, old and well used metal Thermos lunchbox. I always picture them having been owned by men, I don't know why exactly. I like to think about their previous owners, who the man was, where he worked, who packed his lunches in this box and what he ate. This style of box is larger, probably about 9" long and pretty tall since they are made to hold a thermos in the top of the lid.

I have 2 of these, and have found them both at the same thrift store about a year or 2 apart. Needless to say I always look for more everytime I go to that that store!


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