Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Yup, as of 7:22pm today Tucker will be 12 years old! This is SO not my favorite photo of him, I can't imagine what he was thinking putting that sleeveless sweatshirt over his other 2 shirts, and lets not even talk about the hair....but it's actually a good representation of him at this point. Very much an indivudual, very very opinionated about his clothing. He has gotten a haircut since this was taken, thank god. But anyway, here's my big boy, my oldest son. Tucky Two Shoes*, that was his nickname as a baby. Can't believe he's 12 already!

*Brittany was 2 1/2 when Tucker came along, and at the time her imitation of a train going "chugga chugga choo choo" was pronounced by her as "tucky tucky too too". Welll, that became Tucker's nickname pretty fast, and then I found him the coolest red leather (such soft, soft leather...I miss those shoes) european baby shoes at a garage sale, so then he became "tucky tucky red shoes" which stuck pretty well but also morphed into "Tucky Tucky Two Shoes". Isn't it weird how we come up with these nicknames for our kids?? I'll have to write about how "Lillianna Sausages" came about sometime.


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