Wednesday, May 03, 2006

for pete's sake...

Remember last week when my dh fell down the escalator at work and messed up his left leg in a bad way?
Well, last night he was "helping" my son get his football out of a tree in the back yard when he had a bit of a mishap. Larry evidently thought throwing things at the ball would be a good idea, and it probably wasn't a bad idea in and of itself, but I'm not sure that throwing a roller skate was the best choice. And the part where he stood directly under the football, threw the rollerskate up at it, and then looked away? That was definitely not a great idea. It hit him square in the middle of his face.
I wouldn't say his nose is definitely broken, but it sure looks like it. We had something of a bloodbath in the kitchen, which is always great especially when you have kids crying and thinking it's all their fault.
Today he has a hugely swollen nose and 2 black eyes. He looks so ridiculous with his glasses perched on top of that nose, it's just impossible not to laugh.
I'd like to say "what next??" but I'm afraid to tempt fate in that way. I really really don't want to know what's next.


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