Thursday, April 20, 2006

what's goin' on...

~it's 7am right now...the last moments between the "i'm waking up" part of my morning and the "waking everyone else up" part which won't end until I walk back in the door at 8:15 after dropping the boys off at school. I'm fighting it, I'm not ready for my day to begin! I'd actually love nothing more than to crawl back into bed for a couple more hours, in fact.

~I'm so glad Ace is gone from American Idol that I can't even do my feelings justice. So, so glad. Buh bye!

~Barrett woke up listening to the news yesterday and was obviously just a little confused when he came into the kitchen and told me the president resigned. I wish, buddy. I wish.

~tonight I have my first virtual meeting for my new design team (Diversity Designs). I'm so thrilled to be part of this team, I love that the site is all about promoting diversity in the paper crafting community. It's nice to be part of something that has a mission that I can really get behind!

~I have 2 projects that are due by midnight tomorrow for the the latest round of the Spring Fling contest at Imagine, Create, Scrap. I'm having so much fun in this competition, I don't want it to end! I'm a wee bit of a procrastinator, though, and now I'm going to have to bust ass to get these 2 layouts done by the deadline.

~lots and lots and lots of housework around here to keep me busy until it's time to pick up the boys for the dr. appointments. Why do I even bother to write that down? Might as well say "planning to continue to breathe throughout the day" Kind of goes without saying, doesn't it?

~and now it's 7:11 so I have managed to assert my rebellion against the clock and can now proceed to get the kids ready for school, all the time kicking myself for wasting the past 11 minutes. The cycle continues!


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