Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday looks like this

Because I need to be accountable and get stuff done today, and because there's no better place to do this and thus preserve the utter banality of my day-to-day existence for posterity, I give you my To Do List for today:

  • dishes clean the kitchen
  • laundry, at least 4 loads should pretty much take care of it (update: 2 down, 2 to go)
  • quick-clean the bathroom x2
  • vacuum bedroom
  • vacuum living room...after a movie in blankets on the couch last night my living room now looks like the bottom of a bird cage, littered with popcorn and feathers from a leaking down comforter. Nice!
  • sweep the laundry room...the bunny went crazy last night and kicked a ton of litter out of her cage. That translates into "bunny needs cage cleaned"
  • pick up my order from my CTMH rep and hopefully get a new catalog from her! Love new cattys almost as much as new magazines
  • scrapbook! feeling majorly inspired so hopefully I can squeeze in some quality time at my scrap table today (update: finished the layout I was working on, can't upload it because Larry took my camera to work with him today. Grr! Also, I cleaned up my area so I'm ready to get started on my next project)
  • tonight we have parent/teacher conferences for both boys, and Larry has a huge function at work so he won't be able to go with me. I hate doing things at night, really hate it! It just totaly disrupts our whole week-night routine. I guess this is a good week for it, though, since the time change has already wreaked havoc with our routines anyway.

Tucker is home sick today, so I will spend at least part of the day reminding him to stay in bed and not throw his used kleenex all over the bedroom floor. We had to institute a rule that if you stay home from school you have to stay in bed all day, with no video games allowed until after regular school hours, otherwise we'd have a major case of hooky-playing going on.

At the moment Lilly is still in bed, Tucker is in his room reading or watching tv, and everyone else is either at school or work...why do I think this will be the last peaceful and quiet moment of the day?

Back later to update! I know you'll all be waiting on the edges of your seats (ha!)

Ok, I listened to all the podcasts on my ipod, so while I'm here updating it I thought I'd update my blog, too. I'm getting quite a bit done, despite the fact that Tucker is bugging the living hell out of me AND Lilly.

I'm finding I really resent him being here today, I didn't realize it really but I guess I'm used to this being my "mama and Lilly time" and we have our routines that are just totally disrupted. Plus he wants to take the laptop in his bedroom and I really don't want him to, but don't have a great reason, so I'm just kind of stalling him.
It's almost lunch time, so I'm going to get on that, clean the rest of the kitchen while I'm in there making lunch, clean the bathroom that's off the kitchen while I'm there, and then hopefully vacuum the living room while Lilly eats. mac & cheese, here I come, lol!


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