Sunday, April 09, 2006


So, Larry left at about 6 this morning. With the 2 youngest kids! I think it'd be inappropriate to call me fickle, because about the time last night he decided to take them with him, I decided I didn't want them to go. Nuts, huh? But anyway, I left it up to him and even though I tried to talk Lilly into staying, they left for the 12 hour drive.
And came home, half an hour later. In the words of my 9 year old "Mom! Lilly puked all over!". Yes. Of course she did. I thought for sure that was the end of her going, but we cleaned her up and I gave her some crackers to eat, and she seemed fine. Larry didn't say anything about not taking her, so they headed out again. That was about a half hour ago, I'm just kind of waiting to see if they come back. If they don't get here soon then I guess they really made it farther than the gas station this time, lol!

So, it's me and the 2 olders. Britt didn't want to go, Tucker did. But, Tucker is sick and missed 2 days of school last week, so that combined with the fact that he had a really bad report card made us decide that he just can't afford to miss that much more school. They can't afford for him to give his cold to Grandpa or to anyone else there that could then give it to Grandpa, since he's been on chemo and his white cells are really low.
I do feel bad for Tucker, though, but I still think it was the right decision. I'll just have to make this week fun for him, let him do some things that he might not normally get to do.

I don't even know what I'm going to do today, it's so quiet and just already a totally weird day! Maybe I'll take the 2 kids out for lunch or something. It's a gorgeous day already!
And I miss my baby. :(


Blogger Mary Jo said...

Sorry, you are missing your baby!
My mom took Evan on Friday night so I could go to CKC on Saturday and give Mike a little time to work on house projects. I missed him so much even for that little bit.

April 09, 2006 6:54 PM  

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