Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday update....

~went to garage sales with Tucker this morning, there weren't very many because of it being Easter weekend, but one of them had a *ton* of scrapbooking stuff so I got some good deals there. I also got Lilly a new ballerina tutu and a pretty dress for her. And several colors of vintage silk ribbon with their original foil packaging, just gorgeous!

~took the kids to Hollywood Video where they chose Howl's Moving Castle. It's pretty good, in that unusual, anime way. It is a refreshing change from the usual formulaic Disney movies (and yes, I know this is technically a Disney movie since it was produced by them, but it is a Miyazaki movie through and through)

~I was asked to join the design team at a new scrapbooking site, Diversity Designs! I emailed the owner a while ago just to tell her how much I appreciate what she's doing with promoting diversity in scrapbooking, and that I really think it's important and will only help the industry. She then encouraged me to try out for the design team, which I hadn't planned on doing because I felt that my demographic is already quite well represented in the sb world! Anyway, she enouraged me to try out, so I did, and today they announced their new team, and I'm on it! I'm really excited because not only have I been looking for a new DT gig for awhile, but I am impressed with what this site is doing and I love that it's opening scrapbooking up to a wider audience. Anyway, the site is at

~our only plans for the rest of the day are to keep working on laundry, hanging out, and filling the plastic eggs with candy so we can have an egg hunt tomorrow. If I feel like it I might boil some eggs today but we won't be dying them until tomorrow when everyone is home.

~And that's the final thing, waiting for everyone to get home! I didn't talk to larry this morning so I don't know what time they left but he planned on hitting the road early. I won't really look for them until late, late tonight. Can't wait to give Barrett and hug and get some hugs and kisses from my little girly!!!


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I can't wait to go yard saling!!!


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