Saturday, April 22, 2006

randomness yet again....

Well. This has been a strange week and has thrown my blogging rhythm and schedule all out of whack. Sorry 'bout that! Maybe a dose of randomness will get things back to normal?

~yesterday my hubby was late, really really late, getting home from work. No answer at work, and he didn't have the cell phone with him, so I couldn't do much but sit home and stew about it and wonder where he was. When he finally got home, about 4 or 5 hours later than I expected him, he promptly pulled a healthy wad of cash out of his pocket as he started to explain. Long story short, it seems there was a stranded traveller (hubby works at the airport) who needed a ride to a small town about 60 miles from here, and paid my hubby $150 to drive him there. Cha ching! The poor guy, not being from Montana and thus not understanding the utter desolation and isolation of the place, wrongly assumed he would be able to get a rental car at the airport here and drive to this small town. HA! Not only is there not a rental car return in that town, they were quick to inform him that there is no ATM and nobody in town takes credit cards. But welcome, stranger!

~I've spent most of the last 2 days in bed, my stomach is bloated and hurts like hell unless I'm laying perfectly still in bed. Needless to say, we are running short of groceries, clean dishes, all those handy creature comforts. Where's that cleaning lady when I need her?? Oh yeah, I've felt like this before. A couple of times. 4 times, to be exact. oy veh.

~despite that, I managed to complete my 2 layouts for Round 3 of the Spring Fling contest at Imagine, Create, Scrap. For this one they provided us with a sketch and we will be judged by how closely we followed it. It was challenging to me because it was required to be an 8.5x11 page, and I scrap 12x12. It was kind of interesting to use the rectanglur page, rather than my usual square.

For the 2nd page we had to do one 12x12 page using 5 or more photos. I did this layout of Barrett's birthday using some of the new KI Memories paper, and an older sheet of Flair Designs paper that I've been hoarding for just this type of page.


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Molly, just a quick note--I'm glad to see you're blogging more! I am always glad when I check in and there's something new to read. I miss you!

PS--you should list your blog here:

April 23, 2006 6:51 PM  

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