Monday, April 03, 2006

oops, forgot to say when I posted the layout below, that is my Grandma in the pictures. Those are the last 2 photos I took of her before she died 5 days later, so they are really special to me.

Today I was just busy busy busy, nothing too exciting or particularly blogworthy though. Just more of the same stuff! I'm working on a layout I just love right now, it's pink and orange and the colors are making me happy, lol! I will finish it tomorrow, probably. I swear, I am such a slow scrapper! I just like to take my time and try out lots of things, plus I usually do a lot of layering and altering embellishments, which takes time. Usually time waiting for paint to dry or something boring like that, lol. But I'm not good at multitasking when it comes to scrapping, I barely have room on my table to contain one project at a time, definitely not two.


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