Monday, April 24, 2006

one year ago...

A year ago today I flew off to Seattle to begin my U2 adventure. This was HUGE, just huge for me to do, really a dream come true. You have to remember that I'm a mother of 4 kids, we struggle and always have struggled to make ends meet. I became a mother at a young age (by choice) and have always put someone else's needs before mine ever since.

It took a lot of work and sacrifice, and some luck in terms of a big check from unemployment coming in the week before I left, for it to all come together. I am still and always will be so grateful to my husband for taking his vacation week to stay home with the kids while I was gone. You can probably imagine that wasn't his #1 choice of things to do on his vacation, and he never was really thrilled with the whole idea of me going to the concerts in the first place, but he took the time off and stayed home and I am so grateful.

So for me to get to go on this trip, to do this u2 thing, it was a BIG DEAL and even as it was happening I couldn't quite believe it all worked out the way I had planned it. I wore a long sleeve red t-shirt with a black jacket, as red-and-black is the unofficial color scheme of the Vertigo tour {grin}. I wore my long, curly hair in braids which I don't often do but I like the way it makes me feel having those 2 girlish braids to fling over my shoulders when they get in the way. I brought all my u2 cd's, a book that I hoped to have autographed, and my camera with an extra battery. Remember this, there will be a quiz later!

I did a lot of things that are probably ho-hum to a lot of people, but they were firsts for me. I flew into Seattle early that Sunday morning, and found my way through the airport to the Hertz desk where I rented a car for the first time. Man, that little white car was fun to drive! As soon as I got in I put a u2 cd in to set the mood, and headed off with my Mapquest directions in hand leading me from the SeaTac airport into Seattle to find Key Arena where I knew that even then, at 7am, a line was forming for the GA or General Admission (floor) ticket holders for that night's concert.

So putting in that cd was the first thing I did, getting lost trying to get out of the parking garage was the 2nd thing. Not a good omen, but I didn't take it to heart. Eventually I found my way out, hit the highway and at least I was going in the right direction.

(to be continued...)


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