Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday plans

Despite oversleeping, Day 2 is off to a good start! Got Tucker to school on time, that's the main thing, lol. Now I'm free until 3:15 when I pick him up! Here are my plans for the day, I'll check back later to see how closely this resembles reality:

*I'm going to clean and putter around the house until about 10 or 10:30, then I'll get ready to meet my friend Robyn for lunch at a new local bakery I have yet to try.
{met Robyn and had a yummy bacon, cheddar and tomato sandwich for lunch}

*the main housework being dishes, vacuuming, taking out the trash and cleaning the sun porch which over the weekend became a dumping ground for jackets, shoes and tangled kite strings. One of my favorite things is to listen to podcasts while I do housework, it really makes the time speed by and I have a couple new ones downloading now to listen to this morning. {Update: well, I didn't get the porch cleaned off but I got everthing else around the house done, so that's good enough, lol!}

*I also want to call my sister this morning and have a nice long chat with her, but I don't even know if I can squeeze that in. She just got her first brand-new computer, an iBook G4, and she is having SO much fun with it but also has tons of questions. {I didn't get to call Annie, hopefully tomorrow I will}

*while I'm out I have to get gas, hit the grocery store, and if I am brave enough to go to Carquest all by my girly self I can take in a part Larry replaced this weekend and get the $50 core charge back. Also have to mail my Secret Easter Bunny package, I have it almost ready to go but yesterday I bought some pretty tissue paper on clearance at Michaels so I'm going to wrap everything inside the package in it. Have to get that sent out today so the recipient will get it in time for our "reveal party" on Saturday. {update: got gas, got groceries, went to walmart, went to carquest AND mailed the package! I did good today, lol!}

*I have last night's episode of The Sopranos to watch, I can't wait to see what happens next but I might wait and watch it later tonight. {update: watched it this afternoon, I thought the first part was a little slow but the last 20 minutes or so was REALLY good!}


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