Saturday, April 08, 2006

I want you, dear reader, to know that I am going to make a concerted effort to NOT let Larry's dad's illness become the focal point of this blog. I really really am. It's just that right now he's in something of a crisis, and it's the main focus of what's going on around here as a result.

That said, Harold is doing better. The last news I heard was late last night and he still had not been assigned a room, but upon further testing they changed their diagnosis and he did not have a pulmonary embolism, or congestive heart failure, so it was "just" a heart attack. Which, weird as it sounds, isn't that big of a deal. I mean, he is riddled with cancer, he's dying already, so the heart attack just doesn't seem like horrible news in the face of that. It's like, what next??

Larry talked to his dad last night and I know he (larry) felt a lot better after that. He said his dad sounded in good spirits, very coheret and alert, and making jokes about the nurses and staff.

All 4 of Larry's siblings will be in Vegas by tomorrow night. Larry's not going, at least not as of now. It's all because of the $$ and that sucks, but we don't have the money so there's not much we can do about it, you know? I know Larry must feel really left out and frustrated that everyone else will be there and he won't be. I know he's thinking about how long it's been since the whole entire family was in one place (I can't even recall when that was, I think it was before I met Larry 16 years ago!), and I know he's thinking this is probably his dad's last chance to see all of his children in one place before he dies. It's just really sad.

Ok, anyway, as far as our dog Coco goes, she seems to be doing better. She's pretty much back to her old self, she does look thinner to me but she was overweight in the first place so that's not all bad. She's sleeping a LOT, but in the last 6 months or so she's been doing that, sleeping probably 20 hours out of 24. Which in itself is probably not good, but I've never had a dog before (as an adult, I did when I was a kid) so what do I know?


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