Monday, April 10, 2006

day two

So, I've listened to both Barrett and Lilly cry today, telling me they are homesick, they miss us, they want to come home. Ahhhhhhh!! You can probably imagine how that makes me feel. Like I want to jump on a plane and get there now and scoop them up. :(

But, they are ok. I talked to Larry and made sure he's taking time to check in with the kids and talk to them about what's going on. Reminded him that Lilly would probably love a bath, and maybe he could sit down and watch a movie with Barrett tonight. He still doesn't know when they'll come back, still probably Fri or Sat. I miss them, but mostly I feel bad that they are sad and wish they were here, and I can't do anything to help that except tell them they'll be home soon. I'm also really really worried about Larry leaving either of the kids alone with any of his brothers, one in particular, and because I'm worried about that I keep reminding him, which is (understandbly) pissing Larry off but I can't help it! It would only take a couple of minutes for something bad to happen. I just can't let it go and I keep thinking that if I remind him ONE more time it might make a difference. But at the same time, I trust Larry and I know he'd never let something bad happen, and I know he will be careful. But I still worry, and there you have the ugly circle of thought I get caught up in when I start thinking about it, lol!

I took a nap this evening, that would be my third since they left 36 hours ago. Sweet!


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