Wednesday, April 12, 2006

and now for today...

This is going to hopefully be short as I have a ton to do and what started out as a quick break to eat a bowl of Raisin Bran has already stretched into almost half an hour.

Tucker spilled a pitcher of juice at bedtime last night, which he cleaned up with a towel but as it was bedtime I didn't feel like mopping the whole floor at the time. God, talk about sticky! It was actually really funny to see the cat try to walk across it, like most cats he can't stand to have his feet dirty and you could tell he was very insulted to say the least. Although he did seem to very much enjoy licking the juice off his feet once he finally made it across.

So that was the first thing I had to do this morning, mop the kitchen. Then I got out my sewing machine and finally finished my laptop bag. I'll post a photo later. It's cute and just how I pictured it, but I haven't yet decided how it's going to close...button, snap, velcro, ribbon ties...can't decide.

I'm also working on laundry and still have to vacuum my bedroom which you'll notice has been on my list every day this week. I really hope I get around to it today!

Tonight of course is Lost, I can't wait! In the meantime I'm going to do a couple more quick sewing projects then hopefully get started scrapbooking by early afternoon so I can get in a couple of uninterrupted hours before school gets out.

I'll be back later with pics!


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