Wednesday, March 01, 2006

wow, awesome episode of Lost tonight! I can hardly wait to read some of the boards or listen to some of the podcasts tomorrow to see what everyone else thought. Don't laugh, but I totally caught some u2 references in tonights show! lol, I said don't laugh!
First of all, Kate says to Sawyer that Claire is going into the jungle "with or without me". Then, Rousseau says to Claire later on that "you're not the only one who didn't find what they were looking for". Plus Claire's on a quest for the miracle drug for Aaron. Ok, it's not conclusive. Maybe I just have U2 on my mind because they are playing in Argentina tonight and tomorrow, then are off to Oz and NZ (not in that order).

Confirmation today from the U2 camp that the April 8 show in Honolulu will definitely be the last show of the Vertigo tour. What a ride it's been! Maybe now they can go home and get to work on the next album. It's going to be weird to go back to the non-touring U2 status. We're kind of spoiled with constant new photos, updates, meeting stories, etc. while they're on the road. When they're at home they keep a much lower profile and there won't be much news or new photos. On the other hand, it's nice to think of them being home with their families and being creative and hopefully working on the next album so we won't be waiting for years and years.

So, my hubby was complaining that I always buy the same food when I go grocery shopping. So last week, I sent him shopping for the weeks groceries. What an unqualified failure THAT was. It looks Mother Hubbard's cupboard in my kitchen right now, and I'm pretty sure all that's in the fridge is ketchup, milk and coffee creamer. It's pathetic! Maybe now he realizes why I always buy the same things. Because I know how much of it to get, and I know they like it! The stuff he bought was good, but he didn't buy enough of it and he didn't get any complete meals so we had a lot of bizarre dinners like hamburgers without buns, spaghetti on the side, lol.

My new goal is at least 1-2 hours scrapbooking per day, and that doesn't include magazine reading, web surfing, shopping, etc. I need to increase my productivity, last month I made some great layouts (in my opinion!) but not very many of them. So, that's my new goal, I want to work up to more like 3-5 hrs. a day but 1-2 is a good start.


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