Monday, March 27, 2006

So, yesterday was way productive around here. Scrubbed one bathroom top to bottom, did umpteen loads of laundry, swept kitchen and laundry room, washed dishes, cleaned off counters and table and scrubbed the heck out of them, cleaned and freshened up the sun porch in hopes of using it more as soon as spring gets here (!), and spent a couple of hours cleaning junk off my laptop and burning stuff to dvd and cd so I could free up more space on my hard drive. I checked it yesterday morning and I only had 11% of free space on my hd! Cripes, I've only had the thing for a couple of months! So I cleaned up it, removed some programs I don't use, and burned a bunch of stuff off, and now it's about 50% free space. I downloaded a trial version of Nero, a software for burning audio and video cds and dvds, it is a great program and SO MUCH faster than the stupid Sonic one that came with my laptop!

I had to get up early this morning, so didn't stay up to watch the Sopranos last night. So I'm downloading that now and maybe by the time I'm done taking kids to school it will be done and I can watch it while Lilly watches Dora. Can't wait to see what happens next, love that show!

I have several challenges to work on related to srapping, so today will be a good day for that, and hopefully I'll find out if I moved ahead in that contest I posted about yesterday! Last weeks "Sweet Sixteen" will become this week's "Elite Eight", and have a new challenge to do for next week. Cross crossables, please!


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