Saturday, March 25, 2006

So, yeah. Not having the best day here. Larry and Tucker fought all morning, those 2 just do not get along and it gets worse all the time. Took the kids to the library and Barrett gave me so much attitude that I had to leave and didn't get to even look for books for me, then I couldn't find Tucker's library card and had a big hassle at the circulation desk because of that.

We can't afford to go out for dinner, or even a cake mix to make at home. Larry's at work and the house is a mess.

The phone's been ringing all day, but not for me. My mom sent me an e-greeting. None of my friends, none of my siblings, nobody has called me. Underneath it all I'm aware that for the first time in my life I won't talk to my Grandma on my birthday. Being aware of, and so sad about, that is hitting me totally out of the blue. Not something I thought would really bother me, but it does. I'm sad.


Blogger Mary Jo said...

Oh Molly, so sorry!!!! Well, I am wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday!!! and hoping you have a better day today!!!! (those darn budgets suck!)

March 26, 2006 5:02 AM  

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