Saturday, March 11, 2006

small u2 update

Here's an article from a Sydney newspaper that has a little new info from the U2 camp. Mostly the news is just that there will be formal statement/announcement on Tuesday, and also that Bono will be appearing on a popular Aussie talk show Monday night for a previously scheduled interview to be recorded on Monday. So maybe he will have some words for us fans, if not then there is the management statement on Tues. that at the very least should give everyone a clearer idea of the future of the Vertigo tour.

The article also included this adorable picture of Bono keeping an eye on his youngest son on the balcony of the house their family is renting in Syndney. Even a gloomy day is made a little better by a fresh pic of Bono in a bathrobe and shades, no?

edited to add: Not sure if that's Bono's son or who exactly the child in the photo is, for the record! I do know the shortish guy in the bathrobe and shades is yer man from Dublin, though. ;-)


Blogger Mary Jo said...

to cool that he's wearing his shades with a bathrobe :)
Molly - you are my new hotspot for U2 info and great pics ;0)

March 11, 2006 11:45 AM  

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