Friday, March 31, 2006

Since all productivity yesterday was killed by the soul-sucking experience of grocery shopping, I of course have all kinds of stuff that I HAVE TO DO TODAY! yes, I'm yelling!

See, it's Friday, which to most people is like "Yippee, it's Friday! TGIF, etc etc!!" but to me, as the mother of 4 kids living in a small house is like "yippee. it's friday. thank god i won't have a minute's peace for the next 48 hours and by the end of it i'll have no clean dishes, no clean towels, empty cupboards, a mountain of laundry, and if i'm lucky i will be able to kick a path to the front door so i can outside when i need to scream."

If I don't go into the weekend with a clean house that's well-stocked with food and activities I just might as well stay in bed until the blessing that is Monday morning. And while I've found that I can effectively do just about anything that needs to be done from the comfort and safety of my bed (including writing this entry), it's not my preferred parenting style.

So, today is all about housework, shopping for those few things I couldn't get at Sam's yesterday, and a trip to the library for books (duh), videos and computer games. Not to mention the scrapbook page that I started on Wed. afternoon and which is still sitting on my scrapping table. I really really want to finish that layout today!

But first:
  • dishes
  • laundry (update: 4 loads and counting...)
  • vacuuming
  • find last weeks library books to return today
  • clean bathroom x2
  • empty garbages
  • sweep kitchen
  • clean living room

{I just have to say that I'm here to update while I take a little break for a minute, and I'm sitting on the sun porch where it is so nice and sunny and warm! I love spring! And I love my laptop which lets me be out here AND online at the same time. Ok, back to work, tackling the living room next and then I have to hit the shower and get out of the house or I won't get everything done before school gets out. Bye!}

Once I'm done with that I can take a shower, try to coerce Lilly into wearing clean and somewhat-sensible clothing, and then go to the store and library. And pay the gas bill. And speaking of gas, my van is literally on empty so I hope to god I remember to gas up *before* I run out in the middle of an intersection somewhere. And then, at 2:30, let the weekend commence!

Think I'm gonna be busy today or what?

Updated to add: it's all done, everything above plus took the kids to the park, now we're home and after a little breather I'll figure out what we're having for dinner. Lilly threw a massive Exorcist-esque fit about leaving the park which included screaming, crying, rolling on the grass in misery and jumping up and down while screeching. Lovely. Just when I thought the day was going good and I was getting so much done that surely I could fit in a trip to the park, enter one of my children to remind me that if things were going my way it was merely a temporary fluke and certainly not something I should, like, get used to. Natch.


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