Sunday, March 19, 2006

scrapping like crazy today, I have a 2 page layout that I have to get done by tonight that I really should be working on, but I took a little break.

Holy snow, that's all it's done all weekend! Snow snow and a little more snow. I haven't left the house since Friday afternoon. It's kind of nice to stay home, but also kind of like a time warp. Hello, where did the weekend go??

I have gotten a lot done, though. Working on laundry,laundry, laundry, changing beds, kitchen/dishes duty, more laundry. Yesterday I designed my card for a swap, today I changed the design and got them done. I'll scan it in later and post a pic here, I really like how cute and spring-y they turned out!

I also turned in a design team submission this morning, and am about 75% done with the layout that's on my desk. I like to be a sloooow scrapper, so that's a lot for me! I do realize I have to scrap faster and/or more often, and I'm struggling with that, so it's nice to see that I can speed up at least a little bit.

Tomorrow Creating Keepsakes will announce the winners of their annual Hall of Fame contest. For those of you who have no idea what that is, Creating Keepsakes is a scrapbooking magazine and their HOF is kind of like the super bowl of scrapbooking, lol. I think they had over 900 submissions this year, and out of that they choose 25 Hall of Famers and 50 Honorable Mentions. I didn't enter this year, actually I have never entered, and I'm really excited to see the names of the winners tomorrow. I know some or most of them will be people I "know" online, so it's exciting. Maybe next year I'll enter? That's what I said last year, but didn't get my act together to do it. It's hard because the submissions are due shortly after the new year and the holiday season is busy enough without trying to find time to complete 10 brand new kick-ass layouts according to the contest's complicated rules and criteria. But, maybe next year!

There are a few upcoming contests that I do want to enter, though, so I'll keep my blog updated with those as they get closer.

For now I'm off to finish that layout so I can photograph and upload it before the end of the day!

So excited to watch The Sopranos tonight, I can't wait! I'll take me a couple hours after it first airs (east coast) before I can get it totally downloaded and watch it, so I'll probably be up late tonight. Can't wait to see what happens after the cliffhanger of Tony getting shot at the end of last week's season premiere episode!


Blogger Mary Jo said...

So funny that you described CK HOF as the Superbowl of Scrapbooking. Since I love hockey, I try to explain to non-scrapbookers as the Stanley cup of scrapbooking :)!

March 20, 2006 11:42 AM  

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