Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It occured to me today that I would do very well on house arrest. I love to stay home and I do stay home most of the time, so if I ever had reason to break the law, and got caught, and found guilty, and sentenced to house arrest, I would do just fine. One less thing to worry about! ;)

Last night I was driving home in the dark and saw a black cat by the side of the road. He (?) looked just like our cat Midnight, in that he was all black, had 4 legs and a tail. It was quite a ways from our house, so I was pretty sure it wasn't actually Midnight, but it got me thinking about what he does when he goes outside. I wish we could attach a teeny tiny wireless camera to his collar so we could see where he goes and what he does. Does he go the same places every time? Does he have "friends" or favorite places to hang out? Or does he just wander aimlessly looking for birds or squirrels to chase? Why does he always roll in the dirt right before he wants back in the house?? Ok, the camera wouldn't really help with that last one, but those are the nagging questions in my mind about Midnight.

I have a new cd to listen to: Funeral by The Arcade Fire. I've listened to parts of it before but I just finally got around to getting myself a copy of it. Actually, I got it last week but I keep forgetting to listen to it.

And for a final note of randomness, I give you Bono and child, dancing, circa 2001:
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