Tuesday, March 28, 2006

one year ago today...

Hard to believe u2's Vertigo tour started one year ago tonight! What a crazy year it's been, for the band and for me personally. I remember how excited we all as fans were about this new starting, and all the speculation going on in the days and hours leading up to that opening show in San Diego. How would the GA (general admission, the floor) lines be handled? What would the stage look like? Would there be a heart like on the Elevation tour, and if so, who gets to go inside the middle of the heart? What would the show look like, and more importantly, what would it SOUND like? God we were excited!

I remember lurking on the Interference boards for hours, reading as people's cell phone reports and text messages came in to other fans who would then pass the info on to us. Seeing the first photos from people who took phone pics and automatically uploaded them to flickr. Hearing a few notes of music that someone streamed for us all via a 4- or 5-party joint effort stemming from a cell phone someone held up in the air as the concert started.

And then, as it started, the set list was coming in! The opened with City of Blinding Lights!? They did WHAT? They played Stories for Boys, Cry, The Electric Co (1st time since 1987), An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart (1st time since 1984!!)??? OMG, omg, omg!!! They closed with 40?! They closed with 40!! First time since the Joshua Tree tour they closed with 40!

That's what it was like. It was awesome. The tour went on longer than we expected at the time, but of course ended up being cut abruptly short, and it's hard to believe it's over. I'm so glad, so blessed, so thankful that I got to see them twice on the Vertigo tour, and I hope and pray that they will tour again so we can do it all over. I have my doubts about that, really, but they certainly could tour if they wanted to, and I'm sure it's be another blockbuster success of a tour. I just have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that they won't tour again, but I hope I'm wrong. A u2 concert is like NOTHING else on this earth and having your favorite band on tour is a special thing. Do it again, U2, at least one more time, do it again.


Blogger Mary Jo said...

Like nothing else!!!
I remember Joshua Tree was the first time I ever saw them live (1987)I was just really starting to listen to their music. The show ended with 40, the crowd kept singing long after the band was gone and I was hooked!! Almost 20 years later (should I cry now) I am still so hooked it's amazing! Gotta love them!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 28, 2006 5:49 PM  

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