Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The New World

So, I saw The New World last night, Just, no. Ugh. Even Colin Farrell couldn't save it, and I really REALLY wanted to like this movie. I do have to say that Q'orianka Kilcher, who plays Pocahontas, is gorgeous and did a wonderful job, and I can't freaking believe she's only 15 years old! That's only ONE YEAR older than my oldest child, and in no way shape or form would I allow Britt to be rolling around in the forest kissing Colin Farrell (or anyone else, for the record!) Not even for a movie and the huge paycheck to follow.

So on the one had I'm impressed with what a great actress this girl is, but on the other hand I'm kind of disgusted that they would even cast someone that young for the part. I mean, how does grown man like CF decide it's ok to kiss and hold a 15 year old child! No wonder he had that expression of pain and utter stupidity on his face for the entire 2.5 hours of the movie.

By the way, I do know that the actual Pocahontas was probably no older and likely even younger than this actress. If that was normal for her culture, then ok, but it's not normal or legal in our society for a man to take a 15 year old as his wife, or even have a few romps in the woods and marsh grass behind her fathers back. Ick.


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