Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Maybe it's because I'm getting older....

I'm having a really hard time learning some of the basics of digitally embellishing my photos! I use Paint Shop Pro (how I wish I'd have gotten Photo Shop at the time, but I didn't, so this is what I have!) and I have gotten pretty good with enhancing/editing my photos with it. I can do basic b/w conversions and have developed my own special recipe for how I like my b&w's to be. I can color correct, clone stuff out, all of that.

But lately, with digital scrapping all the rage and growing quickly, there are some really neat free digital kits out there that have little swirlies, flowers, words, etc that you can add to your photos. Not to mention all the neat edges, too! The current issue of Scrapbook Answers has a beautiful set by Rhonna Farrer called Spring Fling, it's free on the disc that comes with the magazine. So, that is what made me decide a few days ago that I was going to sit down and really figure out how to use some of those elements on my photos.

Which brings me to the getting older part. I don't know if it's that or if I'm just too new to the world of digitally creating in general, but I just can't get it! Layers has always been a thing that has escaped me, if I'm being honest. (<--my new favorite Simon Cowell catch phrase. hee!) I can deal with layers in a limited way, but when it comes to adding some of these digital elements to my photos I am suddenly in WAY over my head. Somebody throw me a rope, point me to some super-basic tutorials where I might just get a handle on this thing??

As if this entry wasn't already long enough, just another little tidbit of news to add. I have been asked to be part of helping create a new internet community for moms of larger-than-average families. It's all in the planning stages right now, but it will include some forums, articles, the basic stuff. It's going to be great, and I'm so thrilled to have been asked to come in on the ground floor!


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