Saturday, March 04, 2006

in like a lion...

Just when I started thinking spring was right around the corner...hah! March comes in roaring like a lion and, unlike a lion, snowing for hours at a time. Today would be a perfect day for staying home and (do I dare type it??) maybe getting some scrapping done! But no. Time to don my taxi driver hat and start driving kids around. Definitely NOT what I want to do when it's cold and wet and slippery out! I'm hoping to get it all the delivering-of-children and errands done within an hour or so, and then be home for the rest of the day. With any luck one of the Other Parents will be roped into doing the returning-home-of-children, and I won't have to go out again later.

Seriously, I haven't had a single minute to scrap since I finished that Pets layout earlier this week. I thought I just said I was going to start spending at least an hour a day at my scrap table? I hate it when I make goals like that and immediately fall on my face, and even worse I NEED that calm, complete feeling I get when I've been creating. I'm needing to find some balance in my days right now!


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